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Captain : Shrina Patel

Holly Glover Member profile Holly Glover
I have been a member of the club for 9 years now, starting off in goal but decided that it wasnt for me and took up playing out pitch.i played Bucks county for 3 years and we went to Nationals.

 I have played for the ladies 1st team now for 5 years, and now have become captain. All of the girls are Brilliant and supportive and we all work well together as a team. I am looking forward to the younger and up coming players to become part of my team and bring something new to the squad. All i ask from the girls is to "Train hard, play hard and be yourself!" hopefully we should have a succsesful season.
Milly Jones Member profile - no photo available Milly Jones
I have played with Tring hockey club for nearly six years and loved it all.Since have played County and Regional hockey.
Started off in the Development team, Ladies fours then in my second season moved into the Ladies 2s and in my third into the Ladies 1s, and have been there ever since. 
Eleanor Murphy Member profile - no photo available Eleanor Murphy
I am currently 11 with my birthday in December. I am an attacking player.
Tracy van Deventer Member profile Tracy van Deventer
England U21. 9 GCSE's. Milk monitor.
Performance history
2015 - 20164040