Tring Hockey Club News story

Weather affected pitches

11 Nov 2019

Hi all, As the temperature has dropped, I thought it time to email out to you with regard to the challenges of a frozen pitch on a Sunday morning! If on a Sunday morning, you look out the window and there is frost.  please check your emails before setting off. The frozen pitch causes the most confusion! It is the responsibility of the Head Coach to decide if the pitch is playable or not. 


An astro pitch will be unplayable when: 

a) Flooded - ball doesn't travel too well in water. 

b) Covered by snow - ball doesn't travel too well in the snow and the pitch is likely to be frozen under the snow. 

c) Frozen - Ball travels fantastically quickly on ice, however, any undulations in the pitch will cause the ball to rise unexpectedly at high speed (dangerous). Also, a frozen pitch is 'rock hard' and very slippery, which makes any falling over a regular and serious hazard as it is like falling onto concrete. Note - The surface may appear de-frosted (lush green colour), but the base might still be frozen and therefore remains hazardous. 

d) Other weather dangers (eg lightning, heavy hail, heavy rain, etc…) – Personal safety is paramount so the pitch would be evacuated. 


The pitches ability to defrost is dependent on the weather on the day and can vary drastically with each frost. What does a parent do? If there is frost, please check your emails and Facebook as the first or all training sessions may be at risk. Pitch inspections and discussions will be taking place from 9.00am and we hope to be able to send an email and on Facebook around 9.15am on a Sunday to advise of any changes/cancellations to training for that day. If we have to cancel the 9.30am training due to frozen pitches, it doesn't always mean that any following sessions at 10.30am or 12noon will also be cancelled, so you will need to keep checking Facebook/your email. Updates with regard to matches for that day will be sent out as soon as we can, either from myself or your team manager. Let’s hope that we have a winter of few frosts on a Sunday morning! If you have any questions, then do just ask. 


Pitch inspections for Saturday fixtures and evening training will take place in a similar way.


Best wishes, 

Nigel Woodall

THC Secretary.